Red Rock Noodle Bar

Looking for asian healthiest and best noodles or chinese food brisbane? You are on the right place! That is because Red Rock Noodle Bar is one stop shop for your asian style food. With under 97% fat free, our noodles are healthiest and in same tame with the best taste ever. If you are organizing private party, birthday or work event, there is our service brisbane catering. Our catering can accommodate  from 1 to 1 000 hungry stomach. Red Rock Noodle bar catering menu is reach and you will get chop sticks and serviettes served in funky cool asian style noodle container without hidden costs.


If you looking for business opportunity, Red Rock Noodle Bar franchise brisbane will help you with free 4 weeks training, free first 12 months of booking keeping service and training for government small business.

Call John Jolly on 0401 533 030! He is our expert and he will answer on all your questions. He will explain exactly and very detailed everything you need to know and beyond.


Red Rock Noodle Bar – Best and healthiest noodles in Brisbane!

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